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Invisalign is a revolutionary technique for tooth straightening that uses aligners, with each pair being custom-made. These aligner trays are constructed of smooth, sleek plastic and fit seemingly yet tightly over your smile.

If you wear the aligners as directed by your dentist, they will gradually and gently reposition your teeth. There are no wires or archwires fastened; you just replace your aligners every two weeks until your therapy is finished, as determined by a dentist near you. The best aspect is that most people will not even notice that your teeth are being straightened.

In addition to having a lower visual impact, your trays can be removed temporarily when needed, such as when it’s time to brush, floss, and eat, making this treatment far more convenient than cleaning standard brackets and cables.

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invisalign in kelowna

What to Keep in Mind When Wearing Your Trays

It will take some time to adjust to life with an Invisalign alignment tray. Except when eating or drinking, the tray should be worn at all times – more precisely, for a minimum of 20-22 hours every day. When eating or drinking, it is critical to remove the tray since food might become lodged between the tray’s teeth, causing tooth decay; this can set your progress back and lengthen your overall treatment.

Most patients have their aligners changed every 7-14 days during routine check-in sessions with a dentist in Kelowna, and their improvement may be seen visibly between appointments.

Once the active Invisalign treatment is completed, retention is required. Clear retainers will be manufactured for you to keep the tooth position you’ve attained. It is critical to understand that maintaining any orthodontic result requires a lifetime commitment.

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Without a doubt, the introduction of Invisalign near you has altered orthodontics. Invisalign is well-known for its convenience and effectiveness.

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