Composite Fillings in Kelowna

Composite Fillings Near You

Restoring or replacing lost or damaged teeth is the aim of restorative dentistry. These treatments aid in the improvement of your smile’s function and overall health. Composite fillings are an especially effective solution if you need to repair teeth. Also known as a tooth-colore) restoration, it is used to repair a tooth that has decay, fissures, fractures, or other damage.

Although you can still acquire traditional amalgam fillings, many dental clinics are choosing to offer alternatives due to the mercury found inside the material. Glass ionomer fillings that release fluoride, porcelain, gold are options you can pick from too.

Here at Sopa Square Dental Clinic, our dentist in Kelowna can help you explore the best choices for repairing your teeth, including composite fillings. Call us today to find out more.

composite fillings in kelowna

What is the Restoration Process Like?

Composite restorations are typically completed in a single appointment.

First, your smile will be carefully assessed with x-rays and a physical exam. These steps are important as they help our dentist determine if this treatment is the best solution for your case.

The decayed or impacted section of the tooth is removed under local anesthesia and then replaced with a composite filling in Kelowna that matches the unique shade of your tooth. The material is then molded and polished to restore your tooth’s original form and function.

Is It Painful?

No! Though it is typically for some sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures to occur in the first day or two after you acquire composite fillings near you, but such sensations should lessen quickly as your tooth adapts to the new filling. If you experience other adverse symptoms that persist, please get in touch with a dentist right away.

Ready to Acquire Your New Filling?

You and your family are invited to call our dentist near you if you’re ready to schedule a consultation. Our dentists are here to ensure that the process, from top to bottom is smooth and that your results last. We will also make sure to match your restoration to your tooth’s natural color; no one will be able to tell you’ve had any dental work done!

Please give our team a call or send us an email via our website to get started!