Dental Exams in Kelowna

Dental Exams Near You

A dental examination is essential for maintaining good oral health. The health of the mouth is linked to the health of the body. Here at Sopa Square Dental Clinic, our expert dentists in Kelowna can recognize early indications of oral disease that may be related to other health problems, such as diabetes and oral cancer. To learn more about this particular treatment, please contact our clinic.

dental exams in kelowna

Getting Dental Checkups on a Regular Basis

Even if you are not currently experiencing any oral discomfort, it is still critical to schedule biannual dental checkups. In the early stages of many dental conditions, there is little to no pain. That said, multiple issues can progress by the time you experience any negative symptoms.

Your dentist can use frequent dental checkups to:

  • Diagnose and resolve minor issues before they become major concerns.
  • Advice on how to avoid dental problems
  • Recognize changes in your mouth
  • Treat any arising condition or refer you to the appropriate dental specialist.
  • Respond to any questions or concerns you have concerning your oral health.

Small abnormalities detected early with dental exams in Kelowna can lead to more treatment options and improved health results.

What Takes Place During a Checkup?

Generally, routine dental exams near you only last about 10 minutes or so. This treatment is frequently paired with dental cleanings.

To begin, your dentist will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your teeth and tissues, your tongue, and the top and bottom of your mouth. They may also feel along your jaw and neck to see if there are any abnormal lumps present that should be treated.

X-rays are done once the evaluation is complete. The majority of dental clinics utilize digital x-rays as opposed to traditional film ones because they emit much less radiation. Once the images are captured, they are uploaded to a computer, allowing your dental team to see how your smile has developed and identify any issues beneath the surface.


Ready to Book Your Next Visit?

Based on your unique needs for dental care, the frequency of your appointment will be established. If you have concerns or inquiries about this service and how it can help you and your family, get in touch with us today! We’ll be more than happy to connect you with one of our dentist near you who can guide you through the process so you are familiar and feel prepared.

Our staff can be reached via phone call, email, or you can drop by our office in person. We hope to collaborate with you very soon!