Dental Bridges in Kelowna

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A fixed, or non-removable dental bridge is an excellent way to restore missing teeth. A typical bridge can be composed of zirconia, an extremely robust and tooth-colored material, gold, or porcelain fused-to-metal. The general structure of a fixed bridge includes fitting two crowns over two anchoring teeth (abutments). Our dentist in Kelowna will use those crowns to keep a pontic (artificial tooth) in place; the pontic is what fills in the space and enhances your smile.

dental bridges in kelowna

Why Should You Opt for Dental Bridges?

  • Restore the function that missing teeth have taken away.
  • Preserve your facial shape.
  • Restore your grin.
  • Prevent the remaining teeth from moving in position.
  • Restore your ability to chew and speak.
  • Transition from semi-removable braces to fixed dental equipment.

What is Involved in Getting a Bridge?

Obtaining a dental bridge near you normally necessitates two visits. Upon having your oral cavity inspected, our dentist will proceed with the treatment. Local anesthesia may be provided if you need extra care to stay comfortable while the dentist works.

The two anchoring teeth are altered to allow for the crowns to fit. Then, highly accurate templates (molds) are created and transported to an external laboratory, where dental bridges in Kelwona and other prosthetics are constructed. A temporary bridge will be built by our dentist and maintained until your next visit to Sopa Square Dental Clinic.

Your new bridge will be carefully tested and adjusted at the second visit to ensure a suitable fit. The bridge will be cemented once this is accomplished. Following the treatment, our dentist will provide you with instructions on how to care for your new smile. Brushing, flossing, and frequent dental examinations will help keep everything in good condition.

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