Team Member


Dr. Tareq Aldajani, an Oral Medicine Specialist, brings expertise and dedication to his Sopa Square Dental Clinic practice. Committed to excellence and patient-centered care, he ensures everyone receives personalized attention and the highest quality treatment possible. His passion for oral medicine is evident in his extensive education and ongoing pursuit of knowledge in the field.

Dr. Aldajani obtained his Master of Science (MS) degree in Oral Medicine from the esteemed University of Alberta, where he honed his skills and deepened his understanding of oral health and disease. Throughout his education, he demonstrated a keen interest in diagnosing and managing complex oral conditions, preparing him to address various oral health issues with precision and care. His academic achievements reflect his dedication to mastering the latest advancements in oral medicine.

Dr. Aldajani prioritizes individual needs and concerns to deliver tailored treatment plans. He is committed to providing compassionate care and practical solutions, addressing oral lesions, oral mucosal diseases, or other oral health conditions. Patients can trust his expertise and experience to guide them toward optimal oral health and overall well-being, ensuring a positive and fulfilling dental experience for all seeking his services.