Tissue Removal from the Oral Cavity

An oral biopsy is a surgical procedure that removes tissue from the patient’s oral cavity for examination and diagnosis.

If you have a lesion that interferes with your oral function, you may need a biopsy to determine the cause so proper treatment can be prescribed.  Additionally, there may be certain conditions that are your dentist is unable to identify with X-rays or a clinical examination.

A biopsy can also be performed if your dentist suspects you have oral cancer (which is found in the mouth, head and neck). If you have already been diagnosed with cancer, a biopsy can help determine the stage and extent of the cancer, as well as its source.

Reasons for an Oral Biopsy

  • Inflammatory changes in the oral cavity of unknown cause that persist for long periods
  • An oral lesion interferes with proper oral function
  • Bone lesions that are not specifically identified by clinical examination and X-rays, or any oral lesion that has the characteristics of a malignancy

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